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Courses Overview

We offer an extensive range of courses created from our many years of experience. 

Our courses will help your child gain confidence and achieve his or her goals. Each course is tailored to suit the examinations the student will be sitting so you can be sure your child is well prepared.

11 Plus course content includes help with study techniques and time management as well as exam hints so that children will know how to read and understand questions and check their answers.

We offer courses to all year groups to boost confidence and introduce topics which may be new to the curriculum.

GCSE and A-Level mathematics courses are designed to help boost the students’ knowledge and understanding of topics they have difficulty with and to provide revision of the types of questions that are likely to appear in the exams.

11+ Testimonial:
I enjoyed working on table 7 with Lily who has helped a lot and improved my confidence a lot. For the past week I have enjoyed myself a lot, because of the help and support that every member of staff gives me, also I benefit from the reports that they write, also the links that help you are very good as they help you improve in that specific subject. The work is challenging but it also makes you work harder. The morning welcome is happy and it is good to work in a lively environment. The pep talks help you know that you're not the only one that is going through that struggle of confidence and they also advise you to remember this if you forget something in the exam.
                        Summer 2016