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Lesson Overview

In Centre Lessons




The Extra Tuition Centre can provide tuition in a number of locations in Kent and South East London.


This section simply shows you where and when the lessons can be booked.


Lessons can be booked for 1, 1.5 or 2 hours per week. There are special packages available if your child is studying for the 11+ examinations.  


Choose the location where you want your child to go and when you select Book we will know the centre days and times you are interested in.


We will contact you to confirm your child's starting date.



Before lessons start we would like your child to take an assessment so we can start them from the right place. We offer an online assessment for primary school age, you can book this online too, just look under Assessments. For older children we normally arrange for them to come in and take a pen and paper test which we mark and a report is produced. Please ring the office for more information.



When you make this booking you will be paying for the first 4 lessons your child will attend.


Our on going method of payment is by Standing Order. One of our admin staff will send you a standing order form with our details so you can either set it up yourself or take it into your bank.